Headrest of Airplane Chair

By Chia-Tseng Chuang(莊佳增)

This project implements active noise control (ANC) system with multi-functional designs on an airplane chair. In the past, most researchers only focused on canceling narrowband noise on headrests of chairs because of the causality constraint. Therefore, the performance of traditional ANC systems on chairs is limited. This project designs ANC system with suitable experimental setups on an airplane chair and reduces the electronic delay to meet the causality requirement of the feedforward ANC system. Besides, we also apply an infrared sensor to detect the seat occupant’s head, so the ANC system can automatically move the quiet zone to surround user’s ears with different sitting postures. Multiple noise sources and automatic activation function of the ANC system are discussed as well. Experimental results show that the proposed ANC system on airplane chair is effective to reduce recorded airplane noise about 10dBA without wearing anything.