Headrests ANC with Virtual Sensing Technology

By He-Hsiang Deng (鄧合翔) A. Siswanto (徐榮昌)

Sitting on a chair is the most common activity in human's daily life. Unfortunately, in a noisy environment such as an aircraft cabin, it will lead to hearing damage if the noise level is above 80 dB. The active noise control (ANC) system is developed for headrests to establish a quiet-zone around user’s ear protecting users' hearing. Stereo music as well as hands-free communication also be integrated as additional functions. The secondary loudspeakers play stereo music and anti-noise simultaneously also provide residual noise masking. The error microphones can capture the voice of the person who sits on the chair while using the hands-free communication. The ANC headrests have potential applications in airplane seats, train seats, and bus seats, etc.